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Reduce Vehicle and Personell Costs

Do more with less. AVL will help keep both vehicle and personnel costs under control. Multiple playback windows can be viewed along with multiple real-time windows. This will allow dispatch personel to view a driver's route, in real time, and compare it with the same route at any time in the past. In addition actions and event messages may be specified to occur when vehicles enter and exit easily configurable zones. This means that dispatcher can be notified, for instance when a driver enters a customers warehouse location.

Increase Driver Productivity

Dispatch personnel always know which vehicle in the fleet is closest to any location. The system displays locations of vehicles in real-time on multiple maps at different zoom levels. The dispatcher can easily zoom to the surrounding area to see which vehicles are in the vicinity. By always sending the closest vehicle, drivers will make more calls per day.

You can monitor all route critical information, including speed, heading, route adherence, ignition, geo-fencing, communications and many more. Utilizing the best GPS components by Trimble™

In todays business world, where efficiency is paramount, mobile fleets desperatley need automated tools that are both powerful and easy to use. Your time is valuable, and you need tools to make life easier.



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