We offer a broad range of vehicle equipment solutions. Our products work with a variety of vehicles that allow us to deliver an efficient custom solution for your business needs.

Our hardware and programs allow us to report nearly any attribute of your vehicle creating nearly infinite customization to your businesess’s needs.

This means you can have all of the information on your mobile resources reporting to our user friendly software.

Our experts will install the equipment on your vehicle and ensure that every aspect and option of your new equipment works to its fullest potential.

Our most powerful client based software, allows you to:

  • Customize your settings to each individual operator.
  • Display up to 25 maps simultaneously.
  • Draw a vehicle’s entire route for quick analysis.
  • See daily automated reports for each vehicle.
  • Change the vehicle icon based on the vehicles status.
  • Alert the dispatcher when a vehicle enters or leaves pre-defined areas of your choosing.
  • Easy to use Windows interface and menus make the software quick to learn and simple to operate.
  • Record/playback vehicle movements.
  • Each vehicle’s settings can be individually customized.
  • Define your own points with a click of the mouse.
  • Powerful automated web based reports, accessible anywhere you have internet for easy access.
  • Events such as, stopping, idling, speeding, and others are recorded and accessible via our secure website.

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