Over the past decade, AVL vehicle tracking has become increasingly popular with all segments of society. With it's many applications, from the trucking and transport industry, to personal vehicles and private investigation, AVL vehicle tracking increases productivity, safety and security.

AVL is often used in junction with other industry terms – GPS tracking, fleet tracking, satellite tracking, asset tracking, vehicle tracking, cargo tracking and mobile resource management etc.. Call it what you will, AVL technology and systems are important management tools in the freight transportation industry in North America and around the globe.

Frontier Solutions Inc. offers a high tech and low cost vehicle tracking system for your business’ fleet. No matter how big or small, we can provide you with an easy to use system, that will keep track of your vehicles speed, idle time, location and much more.

We also provide a high quality AVL tracking for multiple applications. We offer the most complete mapping software to bring our customers a quality product they can depend on.

The advantages to our units are the high quality, and low cost.

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Applications of AVL, and Testimonials from our clients:

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